Les Gustafson-Zook

Board Member
Shops Ops Committee

Les Gustafson-Zook returned to bike commuting about 12 years ago when he pulled a bike out of the neighbor’s trash and reworked it into great around town bike. Commuting everyday, even through the winter, brought him back to his youth when he delivered the Denver Post by bicycle every day for three years, and commuted to high school by bike 8 miles every day. Recognizing the value of bicycles for transportation and their need for regular maintenance, along with a friendship with CRBP founder, Tom Benevento, Les was drawn to the mission of Chain Reaction. Starting first as a volunteer, then as a board member and a number of years as the board chair, Les celebrates CRBP’s role in the community of keeping bicycles and bicycle repair accessible to all income levels and ages in Goshen and the friendships that are formed at CRBP.