Jared Lehman

Board Member
Education and Advocacy Committee

In  2010, I needed a hobby. As a young father and new resident to Northern Indiana, I was searching for something to engage in. I remember going for a bike ride one day on my old college mountain bike and thinking “This is really easy”. Then I turned around and realized the number one rule of biking in Indiana: always know which way the wind is blowing. What started that day with an innocent ride, grew to be a passion for cycling. I have grown to enjoy many facets of the sport: Casual riding for transportation, group road rides, family bike rides with my kids, learning how to build/work on bikes at CRBP, fundraising rides such as the Pumpkinvine Century and The Great Cycle Challenge, and the occasional Ride Across Indiana, which I completed for the second time in July. I first became aware of Chain Reaction Bicycle Project in 2010 when I was building my first road bike, an old 10 speed racing bike that I made into a fixed gear commuter bike. For me at that time, CRBP was a place to access some tools and some expertise and I could build what I needed and donate some parts or purchase some used bike parts for a reasonable price. I enjoy endurance and fitness biking, which means I often frequent other local bike shops, but CRBP remains a place where I can work on my bicycle, learn from the knowledgeable staff, and continue developing my knowledge about bicycles.