Greg Imbur

Board Member
Education and Advocacy Committee

Serving as a board member for Chain Reaction Bicycle Project (CRBP) is an honor and privilege.  This non-profit organization educates and helps build community around bicycles.  With a welcoming public space for all who need help, CRBP provides classes, tools, a workshop, knowledge staff and volunteers, as well as a wide range of bikes and parts to choose from…what’s not to like about that?

Because CRBP gets folks on bikes for little (or no) cost, we help anyone needing a form of self-sufficient transportation.  We empower them, too, by imparting skills, knowledge and experience to fix and/or maintain bikes.  Rebuilding bikes and buying refurbished bikes also reduces waste and consumption of natural resources, and it especially makes sense for families when kids are repeatedly outgrowing the size of their bike frames.  While it is not required, we will gladly take your old bike and sell you something more fitting for a fair price.

When you think about it, the “chain reaction” in the community gives double meaning to the concept of “recycling,” too: not only does an old or broken bike avoid the landfill, it also gives someone else a chance to use that bike. This may not seem revolutionary, but the impact is real and significant.  Reduce, reuse, and recycle!

If you have not yet paid us a visit in person, please do, because many parts of Elkhart County–including Goshen–are bike friendly.  The Pumpkinvine, the Maple Heart, and many other trails and paths around here are gems, and we want to see you out there, enjoying them. For my part, I enjoy biking with friends and family on many paths and trails, not only because it helps maintain health and well being, but also because it is fun and reduces fossil fuel consumption and emissions. Although I am not consistent, I like to bike to work and around town. You might be able to, too, feeling better and saving money in the process!