Dru Mack

Vice President
Board Member
Education and Advocacy Committee

At 8:45 AM on almost every Saturday while in middle school I hopped on my bike and rode to my best friend’s house. By 9:00 we were cruising downtown stopping at 7-11 for a Slurpee and trying to hit every pothole, crack, or bump in the road as we zipped over to Goshen College.  We would ride to a little grassy knoll at the edge of campus, set down our bikes, and play some fast-paced luck-of-the-draw card games. Once bored, our bikes took us around town to another field or park where we would continue to play. Clear sunny skies and the perfect bike made this cyclical schedule possible. Now as an adult, my bicycling game has flip-flopped: it is my main source of transportation to and from work, and I try to avoid every pothole, crack, or bump in the road no matter how small it might be. Nonetheless, promoting bicycling safety and providing access to bikes for people of all ages and means continues to be of high importance in my life. Through Chain Reaction Bike Project I get to address current bicycling issues, help others find the perfect bike, and learn more and more about the magical mechanics behind the machine that regularly gets me from point A to point B. So if you are downtown Goshen and have a second to spare, come check out the Chain Reaction Bike Shop. You will not regret it!