Bike-a-thon 2019

Think globally, Bike Locally

Click HERE to register as a Rider or find a rider to pledge for!

We love being part of the Goshen community but need your support to further our mission of providing and promoting bicycling! 

Join us for our 2019 Bike-a-thon! There are multiple ways for you to get involved and participate:
     – Be a Rider: Sign up as a Rider and find people to pledge on your behalf! There are different prize levels you can earn based on funds raised and frequency of bike rides!
     – Pledge: Agree to donate a set amount to CRBP for every day the Rider of your choice gets outside and bikes. For example, if you pledge $1.00 for every day and your Rider bikes 20 days in August, you will donate $20.00 in total.
     – Donate: Donate a one-time set amount on behalf of a Rider. For example, you could donate $30.00 to support a Rider no matter how many days they ride in August.

Ice Cream Maker

July 1: Sign up to be a rider! Registration Link will be shared on all our social networks on July 1.

July: Find pledges and supporters, share your personal fundraising link, and raise money on behalf of CRBP and awareness for the fun and environmental sustainability of cycling!

August 1 – August 31: BIKE. Plan group rides with family and friends, try to ride as many days as possible, and explore new areas!

September 7: CELEBRATE! More details about the 2019 Bike-a-thon celebration to come. Stay tuned!